President Peter Stoicheff on the importance of defining our vision, mission and values

In May 1993, the Board of Governors authorized a University of Saskatchewan Mission Statement that articulated the university’s vision, mission, heritage, values and goals. Although it has served the university well and contains much that is arguably still appropriate to our aspirations, it is now twenty-three years old. During that time, the university has changed on many fronts.

In response to an evolution in our size, scope and identity, it is time collectively to express what our mission and values now are, and a vision for our future. As our university makes decisions in response to the opportunities that lie ahead for the post-secondary sector in Canada and beyond, we require consensus on who we are and what we want to achieve.

To continue attracting and retaining outstanding faculty, students and staff, we must offer a coherent and compelling vision for our, and thus their, futures. To ensure our continued autonomy and sense of purpose we must be clear to governments, media, donors and partners about our mission and our goals. To continue to deserve and receive the support of our almost 150,000 alumni, and our many stakeholders both local and world-wide, we owe them an aspirational expression of our values and our commitments to future excellence. I, and the university community to whom I am responsible, must be certain I am representing us accurately at local, national and international levels.

I have asked a committee composed of members from across our community, on campus and off, to develop a new vision, mission and values document for the university. I encourage you to take the opportunity to be involved in the committee’s work on this important project for our university and to lend your voice to the conversation.


Peter Stoicheff
President, University of Saskatchewan