The visioning committee first met in January 2016. To provide the university’s internal community and external partners with the opportunity to have a voice in what they see for the future of our university, the following consultation methods were used:

  1. Visioning committee consultation meetings
  2. Online surveys
  3. Email feedback
  4. Presidential transition meetings and activities

The timelines for the project were as follows:

  • January 2016: development of committee processes and timelines, and early discussion on consultation strategy
  • February and March 2016: initial consultation through meetings and an online survey, and the development of a framework for analysis of consultation
  • Early April: concepts and themes released for feedback
  • April and May 2016: consultation on concepts and themes through meetings, email feedback and online survey
  • June 2016: draft document released for feedback
  • September 2016: revisions to document based on feedback
  • October 2016: document presented to the Board of Governors, University Council and University Senate for approval