Visioning committee update – April 4, 2016

To our university colleagues and friends,

The visioning committee would like to begin this update by thanking all those who have taken time to complete the visioning survey, met with us in person and/or sent us an email to provide your thoughts on what you see for the future of the University of Saskatchewan. We have been inspired by the support and input we have received as we work towards developing a new vision, mission and values statement for the university.

Over the past three months, the visioning committee has made significant progress in its work. Work to date has focused primarily on process, strategy development, consultations with several audiences and analysis of consultation inputs.

To provide the university’s internal community and external partners with the opportunity to have a voice in what they see for the future of our university, the committee has consulted in the following ways:

  1. Presidential transition activities: Planned transition activities have been leveraged to connect with internal and external audiences. To date, these activities have included dinners with faculty and donors, and meetings with colleges, schools and student leadership.
  2. Online survey: An online survey was launched on February 4 and resulted in 2,699 responses in three weeks. Thank you to all who participated! A summary of results can be found on
  3. Visioning committee consultation meetings: To date, consultation meetings have been held with a variety of groups, including the planning and priorities committee of University Council, Board of Governors, senior leaders of the university, provincial government officials, and the Alumni Association Board and Centennial Committee. Upcoming consultations focus on the Aboriginal community and community partners from various sectors.
  4. Email feedback: We have encouraged input and feedback by email to, and invite you to continue to send your thoughts to us.

In addition, we have reviewed several institutional documents and reports, including past vision and mission related work, and vision, mission and values statements from colleges, schools and units across campus.

We are currently in the process of analyzing the feedback and information we have collected to date, and are identifying common themes and concepts in what we are hearing and reading. We will continue to work with our internal and external community over the next two months to ensure the statement that goes to our governing bodies for approval—Board of Governors and University Council in June and University Senate in October—is an accurate and inspirational representation of the university today and in the future.

To this end, the committee will launch a second survey in mid-April requesting feedback on concepts and themes identified in early consultation activities to ensure what we include in the vision, mission and values statement is reflective of our university and its aspirations.

Should you have any questions or wish to provide thoughts to the committee, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our committee email at or by reaching out to one of us directly.

Thank you again for your continued support and involvement in this work—we sincerely appreciate it!

Warm regards,

Brent Cotter, co-chair
Liz Harrison, co-chair
Scott Adams
Lee Ahenakew
Tom Crosson
Liz Duret
Harry Lafond
Karen Prisciak
Wendy Roy